Market value - $ 1.84 trillion

Increase in percent - 50% (1/1/20 - Today)

Revenue in the last quarter-59.7$ billion

Growth compared to the corresponding quarter- 11%

Profit in the last quarter - 11.2$ billion

Cash balances - 192$ billion

Market value - $ 1.58 trillion

Increase in percent - 71.4% (1/1/20 - Today)

Revenue in the last quarter-89.9$ billion

Growth compared to the corresponding quarter- 40%

Profit in the last quarter - 5.2$ billion

Cash balances - 72$ billion

Market value : $ 1 trillion

Increase in percent : 11% (1/1/20 - Today)

Revenue in the last quarter : 38.3$ billion

Growth compared to the corresponding quarter : -2%

Profit in the last quarter : 6.9$ billion

Cash balances : 120$ billion

Market value - $ 0.74 trillion

Increase in percent ; 24.1% (1/1/20 - Today)

Revenue in the last quarter: 18.7$ billion

Growth compared to the corresponding quarter; 11%

Profit in the last quarter; 2.6$ billion

Cash balances; 58$ billion

"Technology stocks are the future of the global economy"

A true "billionaires company"

While the U.S. government announced that the product had plunged 33%, the technology giants released excellent reports, beating analysts' forecasts; The K theory, which talks about splitting the economy into a rising arm and a falling arm, has already been adopted by Fed Chairman; It now remains to be seen that the big-tech giants, valued at $ 5 trillion, are leading the world economy to recover from or break away from the corona.

If we continue to adhere to the wisdom of the masses, then technology stocks are succeeding in pulling the indices to historic highs and producing the coveted letter V. . Technology stocks are leading the economy to new highs and leaving competitors behind. The technology revolution is getting a lot of people out of the mud they have been in lately, the results and earnings multipliers speak for themselves.

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